Maxwel Cornet was a winger in standstill up until this season, the Ivorian was moved to left-back and it’s revitalized his career, he started 29 Ligue 1 games this seasons compared to recent seasons of 14,12, and 13 – this shows how much he has impressed since the move to have the position locked down.

His work rate has been key to his brilliant transition into the defence, he hasn’t been exposed being too high up as he positions himself very well that makes his ability to recover in transition seamless. He’s composed defending 1v1 and overall stands up to attackers very well, only being dribbled past on average 0.7 times per game – a respectable number in his first season as a full-back.

His ability to pass out from the left-back position is top class, a key attribute for a full-back is being able to pass out and get the ball to the winger ahead of him, Cornet does that as good as anyone and can play the pass with any height and length to find his winger.

His attacking game at left-back really is mature and experienced, he knows when to go forward and what positions to take up, he finds himself free for a first time cross a lot in Ligue 1 due to his ability to time to run know when the space is there to attack. The crossing itself is something he needs to improve, he needs to get better consistency with the areas of the box he hits and add variety – he usually crosses deep with the occasional low cross but not many near post or in the areas a striker would like.

The reason he never has a great season as a winger is he doesn’t have great ability to create his own chances may that be on goal or to create a chance/space to cross or make a key pass, he is limited technically so a move back up the pitch is something I’d be strongly against as he just wont offer enough to be a consistent 20+ game winger.

Overall, Cornet is a very solid player who transitioned very well to a position change, he isn’t an Aaron Wan Bissaka that will rip you of the ball 1v1 but stands well to make attackers pass back and not take him on – he is reliable and with consistency makes great players. A move to Burnley, Ajax, Leeds, or Hertha Berlin would be progressive for his career.

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